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Sebastian Synard doesn’t want any more trouble than he already has. But when he leads a group of tourists along the cliffs of St. John’s harbour, one of them ends up dead. Not only is there a murderer in his tour group, but the cop assigned to the case is sleeping with Sebastian’s ex-wife. It seems like things can’t get any worse, but as he’s enlisted to help flush out the perpetrator, the trail leads deeper than expected, and Sebastian finds himself on the edge.


 “One For The Rock is a fast-paced read, with lots of action unfolding over just a few days. . . . the narrative is steadied by Sebastan’s wry, perceptive character, including his offbeat, genuine affection for one of the hapless players embroiled in the hijinks, and, especially, his parental connection to Nick. And the story strolls nimbly and sure-footedly around an au courant St. John’s.” The Telegram

“Rock solid writing provided this reader delight in this perfectly crafted mystery. Fast paced. Characters to love and hate.” Atlantic Book Reviews

Author’s Comments

This is my first venture into writing a murder mystery. I like to think of One For the Rock as crime fiction that doesn’t take itself too seriously. There is a current of humour here, and for that I have my wife to thank, for it was her suggestion that I try writing a novel that was lighter in tone that what I had been doing for the previously several years. I thought, yes, but someone is murdered. Serious business. True enough, but the narrator Sebastian has an offbeat take on the world and it colours the whole story, murder and all. I hope readers get as much enjoyment from it as I had in putting it to paper. (And, sure enough, there’s a second mystery in the works: Two For the _____.)

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